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How to add a subdomain on Cpanel and then install WordPress on it

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Hi, in today’s quick vid I’m going to show you how to add a subdomain on Cpanel and then also install WordPress onto that subdomain. So, you might do that because you want to build a new site or you just want to build a test site, and it won’t interfere with your live site.

Reference: Cpanel

Basic steps on how to add a subdomain on Cpanel

  • So first of all, log into cPanel.
  • This is what cPanel looks like for anyone who hasn’t been in cPanel before. See screenshot below.
  • Then we scroll down to ‘domains’ and click on the ‘subdomain’ icon.
  • See screenshot below.
  • I’m going to call my subdomain ‘Quick Vids’. Obviously, if you’ve got more than one domain then you need to choose the correct domain name that you want the subdomain to go onto.
  • Once you’ve done that, then you can click the ‘create’ button, and this may take a few minutes to process. See screenshot below.
  • Okay, so that’s done.
  • So then we can hit the ‘home’ button. That will take us back to the main screen.

Now what we want to do is install WordPress on a subdomain

  • So, if you scroll down, you’ll see software and then you’ll see the WordPress icon, click on that. See screenshot below.
  • We don’t have any installations here, so I’m just going to click ‘install’ for a fresh copy.
  • Now, you want to make sure that you choose your subdomain.
  • Whatever you do, don’t overwrite your live website.
  • We’re going to choose the http without the ‘s’, because obviously I don’t have an SSL certificate installed, ready for that just yet.
  • So, you can leave the site settings for now.
  • See screenshot below.
  • All we want to do is put in our username.
  • So, I’m going to choose ‘develop’, and then I’m going to choose the ‘generate password’ option, and I’m going to copy that and paste that somewhere safe so I can actually log back into the website.
  • I’m going to put my correct email into that section.
  • And then, down the bottom, I always put my email in there as well so it will email me my installation details, just in case I forget.
  • So then click ‘install’, and that should process fairly quickly. Hopefully, we don’t get any errors.
  • See screenshot below.
  • And there you go.
  • So now you’ve got the link to the website, which is the first one, so you click on that and just double-check it.
  • And then you’ve got the admin link.
  • So if you click on that, and then you can log in and start building a site.
  • See screenshot below.

And there you go, we just learnt how to add a subdomain on Cpanel and then added WordPress to that domain.

Thanks for watching. Bye.

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