Mia from #heartLEADER needed a new website for a new business they were setting up. A member of her staff had already had WordPress training with us before to re-build their main website – Learning Ventures.

Mia from #heartLEADER completed a 4 hour training session at her office to learn how to build the site herself.  We used the Divi theme (Ad).

Check out the new #heartLEADER website

What we did in the first session

  • Mia started with 2 hours.
  • We started by setting up a new site on our servers, so Mia could build it offline.
  • Next we installed the Divi theme. Which came for free with the course.
  • I showed Mia how to use the Divi theme and the Divi builder.
  • Which she picked up really quickly.
  • Basically we built the structure in the first 2 hours including;
  • The pages, logo, header, footer and blog.
  • Lastly set up an Instagram feed.

In the second session of training

  • After a few weeks, we meet again for training.
  • Mia had been working hard on the site.
  • She had built all the layouts for each page and did an amazing job. Very creative!
  • So I helped her set up Google Console and the Yoast plugin for SEO.
  • We also discussed how to find keywords with UberSuggest and how to use the SEO plugin.
  • The next big job we had to do was move the site from our servers to Mia’s hosting.
  • So we did this by exporting the files out and importing them back in to the new hosting.
  • We then thoroughly tested everything.
  • Including the forms and links.
  • Finally we had another quick overview on SEO, so Mia could continue doing this on her own.

To sum up

Mia from #heartLEADER was very happy with her designing skills. The website looks great! And they saved thousands of dollars by building it themselves. The other benefit of building your own website with the guidance of a web designer, is that you can edit it ongoing. Saving even more money that you can allocate to your website marketing.

Click the link for more information about building your own WordPress website.

Check out the new website – https://heartleader.net.au/

Written by Jodi Allbon 2019

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