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My Hot 5 SEO Tips for 2019

It's getting harder to rank organically these days! I believe it's because there is so much competition. How can you ensure you are going to get in the top ten results in Google for your particular keywords? Read on to get my SEO tips for 2019. My hot 5 SEO tips for...

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How to Create a Sitemap for Your Website

Sitemaps are not only important for Google but they are important for your visitor.  Have you ever gone to a website and can't find the page you were looking for?  This is when a sitemap proves useful.  The user can click on the sitemap and find a list of all the...

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What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links connected externally to your website from other web pages, websites or directories. Backlinks are like votes for your website. Why is having backlinks important? In layman's terms, backlinks are important because they tell Google and other search...

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SEO Tips

Here are a few SEO tips from my experience of being a web designing now for over 10 years. I know these tips work, because I have done this for my website and others.   What Is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation? SEO stands for search engine optimisation....

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What is Page Rank?

Page Rank is the number of people that link to you and how important those links are. Pank Rank is used by Google to analyse the hyperlinks of a web page and it is used to help Google measure how important a website is. Page Rank is a link analysis mathematical...

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Remove a page from Google

Learn how to remove a page from Google's search results. Do you want to remove a page from Google's search results because it's inappropriate for your business or personal reputation or creditability? Have you ever searched your name or business and found a listing in...

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