Web Training and Web Design Courses FAQ’s

What do I need for web training?

  • You need to bring your own laptop
  • You can use both PC or MAC
  • You DO NOT require any software
  • You DO NOT require Internet
  • We supply wireless Internet

web training

How do I pay for web training or a web design course?

  • For individual web training, we prefer payment on the day either cash or cheque
  • For any web design courses, you must pay for the course at least 3 days before
  • You can pay by PayPal (Visa, Mastercard, NO AMEX) on the booking page for each web design course
  • We also accept bank transfer – please contact Let’s Build a Website directly for our bank details


When do I need to pay for the course?

  • If paying by PayPal you can pay the day before the web design course starts
  • If paying by bank transfer you must pay at least 3 days prior to the start date of the web training
  • If you want to do one of our web design courses but can’t pay under these conditions contact Let’s Build a Website to arrange an alternative method


Why do we use PayPal?

  • PayPal is a faster, easier & safer way to make payments online
  • You can pay via your mobile phone
  • You don’t need to have a PayPal account
  • You can pay as a guest

If you would like a PayPal account – click here to set one up.  It’s simple!


Web Design Courses

Make a Website

Why would I want to do this web design course?
How much do your web design courses cost?
How long does the course go for?
Do I need any web design knowledge?
Do I need basic computer skills?
What do you learn in one day?
Will I be able to make my own website after the course?
Do you have ongoing support?


If we haven’t answered all your questions regarding the above web training send an enquiry to:
Let’s Build a Website


Web Design Courses: Make a Website and Learn WordPress


Why would I want to do these web design courses?

There are many reasons why our web design course: Make a Website” and “Learn WordPress” may benefit you or your business;

  • You would like to design and make a website for your business to save money
  • You are interested in web design and want to be a web designer
  • You are an individual who wants to learn to make a website for your own personal venture
  • You need some web training in WordPress for your job


How much does your web design courses cost?

Make a Website  –  $385 per day

WordPress Training  –  $385 per day


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How long does the course go for?

Make a Website        9.30am – 3.30pm
WordPress Training    9.30am – 3.30pm


Do I need any web design skills?

  • No you don’t need any web design skills
  • No HTML required!

It wouldn’t hurt you to learn some HTML or CSS but it is not a prerequisite.

Both web design courses “Make a Website” and “WordPress Training” will give you enough web training to make a professional website for your business.


Do I need basic computer skills?

Yes. You do need to be able to navigate your way around a PC or Mac.  Unfortunately we do not have time to teach basic computer skills in our 1 day web design course.
If you still wish to do the course but do not have basic computer skills, please refer to our One on One Web Training.  We can train you in basic computer skills to prepare you for the course.

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What do you learn in one day?

  • How to install WordPress on a live server
  • You can set up your own website in class on your own hosting and domain if you want to!
  • Or just use our testing server
  • Modify the theme
  • Create pages
  • Add images and video
  • Add text
  • Create a navigation menu
  • Manage content
  • Add plugins e.g. social media
  • Add widgets
  • Add security
  • How to make your website Google friendly
  • and more…

For more information about what you learn  – see course outline Make a Website

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Will I be able to make my own website after the course?

Yes most definitely!  Once you purchase your hosting and domain name, you can install WordPress on your hosting server the same way we do in the course.
If you are not sure how to set up your hosting and domain name – see our FREE tutorial on how to set up hosting and domain for my website

Then use the training manual from the course to set up your website. We do now offer you the opportunity to set your website up in class.  Please contact us for more details.

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Do you have ongoing WordPress support?

Yes we do!  We do offer 4 weeks FREE email support after you complete the course. Conditions apply.

There are also thousands of FREE WordPress tutorials online  – only a Google search away!

If you have completed the WordPress Training course, you can then do the Advanced WordPress course.
The Advanced WordPress course will teach you more complex WordPress skills including;

  • how to change the theme’s style sheet – CSS
  • how to use Firebug (a web developers’ tool)
  • how to set up more advanced WordPress plugins
  • and more..

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Why would I need one on one web design training?

One on one web design training allows you to choose what you learn, how fast you learn it and how long you want to learn for!
We can come to you, so you will feel comfortable in your own environment, with no pressure.
You can set your own hours therefore your own budget, making it an affordable learning process!


Can you come to my home or office?

Most definitely.  We can even come to your home or office!

Contact Let’s Build a Website for more details.

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How many hours do I need to book?

Minimum of 2 hours.


What web training do you do?

Our one on one web training includes:

  • how to install web design software
  • basic computer skills to prepare you for web design
  • how to FTP files to a server
  • how to set up hosting and domain
  • how to use software including:  Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • how to code in HTML
  • how to use WordPress
  • and more web design related skills

You tell us what you need and we will plan the web training for you!  Click here to send an enquiry about our one on one web training.

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Do you do training in Dreamweaver?

Yes we can teach you beginners to advanced Dreamweaver.  You just need to give us a brief outline of what you would like to learn.


Do you do training in HTML?

Yes we teach HTML.  Beginners to advanced.


Do you do training in CSS?

Yes we teach CSS – cascading style sheets.  This is how you style up your website through the style sheet using CSS.  Beginners to advanced.

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