Dunlop Santas

Lauren from Dunlop Santas (a cool outback cattle farm) came to us to learn how to build a new website for the company she worked for.

Originally we were going to book in 8 hours of training but after 2 hours of training Lauren was pretty confident that she could go off and build the website herself. And come back later if needed to. 

So this is what we did in the training

  • We set up a new installation of WordPress on the hosting server in a separate folder
  • Then installed the Divi theme (of course)!
  • Lauren had a few websites that she liked, so we used these as a guide for our design.
  • We started by adding all the pages (blank to start with).
  • Then set up the header and the menu of the site.
  • Including the logo and fonts.
  • Next we set up  the home page. Which included such things as a  full width image, text boxes, buttons and a video.
  • The next thing we did was set up a standard page which could then be used as a template for the remaining pages in the site.
  • Lastly we added a contact page with the contact form.
  • Not to mention we’re also added some contact details into the footer.

We covered quite a lot in the 2 hrs. Lauren was happy to go off and complete the site on her own.

To sum up

Lauren was extremely confident in designing the site. Therefore it didn’t take her long to continue to build the rest of the site. Lauren came back after a few months and we helped her get the site live.

The owners of Dunlop Santas are very happy with the new website as they can modify it themselves. It now looks more modern and is more mobile-friendly than it was before.

Check out the new website –

Click the link for more information about our WordPress training