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Do you really need a website to operate a successful business?

Whenever I need a tradie, I use search engines to find their websites. Whenever I want to compare product prices or look for specific products or even get DIY advice, I use search engines to find websites. So do you really need a website to operate a successful business?

5 Reasons you need a website

If you want to be found by potential customers and be taken seriously, you need a website for your business. So if you want to outplay the competition, attract more customers and increase your revenue, here are five reasons why your business needs a professional website.

1. Attract new customers

A website is the best way to attract new customers to your business. It’s your calling card and it’s often the first contact with potential customers. So without a website, how will customers find your business? You might have a physical store but that only attracts passers-by. What about potential customers who don’t walk or drive past your shop?

Few people use the Yellow Pages anymore (that’s if they even remember what it was), instead, they simply use a search engine to find plumbers, mechanics, electricians, hair stylists, dog groomers, and the list goes on. So how do your customers find you without a website?

2. People expect you to have a website

You should have a website because people expect you to have a one. As a website designer, I should know better, but I’m still amazed when I can’t find a website for a business. They might have a Facebook Page, but no website. So I simply turn to one of their competitor’s websites. That’s the problem with not having a website – you don’t have any credibility with people.

I don’t want to phone you on a number I found on your Facebook Page. I want to access your website and learn more about your company, services and prices before I make that call. So with no website, I move on to the next listing in the search engines.

3. Control your brand

You can’t control what people say about your business online but you can present your brand to the public in your own way. In other words, you can control your brand by creating a business website and telling your story in your own words. You can share your mission with potential customers, your vision and your message on your website. 

4. Improve customer service

A website gives customers and potential customers a way to easily contact your business, ask questions and learn more about what you offer. You can include information about your offerings that help people make a buying decision, compare your products or services with the competition and even provide How-To videos. All of this improves your customer service and helps to create brand loyalty.

5. It’s not as hard or expensive as you think

With the right web designer, it’s not difficult or expensive to create a business website. Not when you work with a highly experienced web designer and you realise the benefits of a website to your bottom line. At Let’s Build a Website, we create a website that perfectly reflects your brand and anchors your online presence. So do you really need a website? YES!

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