Do I really need live chat on my website?

If you want to optimise your customer’s online experience, then you need to use live chat on your website. That’s because the latest statistics show that 75% of people prefer this method of communication over other contact channels whilst 51% want businesses to be available 24/7.

In an economic climate when you need every edge you can get over the competition, online customer service software helps your customers get the help they need when they want it. If your competitor is using it, then you can’t afford to ignore it.

Benefits For Your Business

Live chat software provides multiple benefits for your business. From resolving customer problems quickly so they don’t escalate into bigger issues to saving money because your staff can respond to multiple chats at one time, it’s a great way to optimise your website for both your business and your customers.

  1. Customers get immediate help with their questions.
  2. Allows for real-time engagement with customers and potential customers.
  3. Increases trust and confidence in your company.
  4. Boosts the productivity of your customer support team.
  5. Enables data collection that can drive sales and product design.
  6. Staff can respond to multiple customers at the same time – saving you money.
  7. Faster problem resolution.
  8. Enables 24/7 customer support.
  9. Availability of free software.
  10. Gives you an edge over the competition.

Customer service is a direct link between your company and the public, whether they’re customers or potential customers. It helps with customer retention (which is cheaper than customer acquisition), leads to increased revenue, offers insights into customer experiences, and increases your online conversion rate.

Interactions with your customer service team reflect on your brand and have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Using live chat takes your customer service to the next level. It helps you promote a positive brand image to your customers and potential customers.

Getting started

There are plenty of live chat software solutions that will cost you money, but there are also lots of free options available as well. If you’re not sure if it will work for your business and you’re on a tight budget then there’s no reason you shouldn’t try one of the free options. If you find that it works for you and want more features, you can always upgrade to paid software in the future. Check out freechat, Tidio or for free options, but there are plenty more available.

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