We can Help You Build your Website

Learn how to set up and add content to your website in 1 day

In this one day training, we help you build your website.  We provide the hosting and set up WordPress for you. All you need to do is come to us and we will help you create your website.

The training goes from 9.30 am – 4.30 pm approx. In this time, we will choose a mobile friendly theme, set up some generic pages, a contact form, social media and a blog. We also show you how to add essential elements to your website like; YouTube videos, Google map (optional), a Pdf, images, links and how to format a page for Google.

You will walk away with a basic website set up and ready for you to add more content. We provide training throughout the day, so you will be able update and manage your website yourself.

Who would do this training?

Someone who; Isn’t very web savvy Needs a website for their business Wants the hands on experience to build their website Needs help to research the design and set the site up Who needs guidance and direction with their website

What you get from this course

WordPress E-Book An Expert in WordPress Certificate IV Qualified Trainer Facebook support A mobile friendly website Tips on how to get in seen in Google A WordPress website set up and ready to go

What's the next step

Purchase the training below We will contact you to discuss your website You come to the training Bring any text you have ready in a word document Bring any images you have ready Bring your logo if you have one We build your website together You walk away with a basic website ready You have to knowledge to keep adding content to your website You can contact us on our Facebook page for help
Course Outline

Course Outline

Click here to download – WordPress Course

Course Dates
Crows Nest Venue August 28 – Fri. September 18 – Fri. October 23- Fri. November 19- Thur. December 17 – Thur. Neutral Bay Venue August 29 – Sat. September 12 – Sat. October 10 – Sat. November 7 – Sat. December 5 – Sat. Time: 9.30am – 4.00pm
What's included in the package


We purchase the hosting Our hosting is made for WordPress It’s located in Australia It’s reliable 24 hour email support Daily and Weekly Backup Restore from backup Firewall Protection Anti Spam / Anti Virus Email Address

Install WordPress

After we buy the hosting We install WordPress ready to go It can be hard for the everyday person to install WordPress from the hosting control panel

Purchase Professional Theme/Design

We purchase and install a professional, mobile friendly theme We create and set up your home which is unique to each theme The themes home page, may include: A slideshow Columns and sections We can add dummy text for you Or add any text you have ready Add your logo which you need to supply (see what you need to section)

Set up Home page

Some WordPress themes/designs can be very tricky to set up Especially if you are not familiar WordPress We take the guess work our for you, and work it out behind the scenes Then teach you how to add content to the home page when you come to your training We can even set up a slideshow on your home page, if this is what you require This must be determined before the training


We supply 5 images in this package We make these images web friendly, so Google is happy This means make them a smaller file size

Pages we Set up

We only set up the home page for you In the your training you will learn how to set up more pages And add content to them If you have content ready to copy and paste in Make sure it is in a Word Doc. If you don’t have this ready, you can add it at home easy enough

Making a User/Google friendly page

We teach you how to make a User/Google friendly page This is very important not only for Google But most importantly for your USER If you make your USER happy, you are essentially making Google happy! So we teach you how to format a page so your user has the best experience This will include headings, images, text, links, keywords and a YouTube video


We will show you how to set up a Blog and write your first post

 Added Features for a Professional Website

We will show you how to set up Social Media, YouTube, A google Map, A Contact Form in the training.

What's NOT included in this Package

This packages does not include;

Adding extra features like; Shopping cart Event registration Memberships Other plugins (functionality) that aren’t included in the package – see below The only features included are; Social Media Contact Form YouTube Video Google Map Anti Spam Security Backup   If you want extra features included then, after the training you should have to knowledge to go away and setup these up yourself. If not; lets discuss this at the beginning what additional features you require and when can work something out.

How does it Work?

We will call you to discuss your website
What designs and ideas you like
We set up WordPress for you so its ready for the day
You can prepare any content you want to add
This may include text for pages, images and logo
You come to the training and learn how to create your website

In this course you will learn

All about your WordPress website How to add pages, posts, images, links How to format and add your own content How to write Google friendly content How to Blog to bring traffic from Google Social Media, YouTube, Google Map We will teach you how to use your website So you can manage it ongoing and save money and time!

Where is the Course

Crows Nest & Neutral Bay Course offered every month Start Time – 9.30 AM Finish Time – 4.00 PM (approx.) Public transport available Bring your computer Or we can supply one Wifi Supplied
Cost & Venues

WordPress & Website Setup $990

Location: Crows Nest & Neutral Bay

Time: 9.30am – 4.00pm EMAIL for more details

What do I need to bring
Your laptop If you don’t have one, we can supply one Powercord Wifi is supplied (make sure your computer connects to wifi) We supply you with a step by step manual A pen to write notes Any questions you may have
What YOU need to do

Domain Name

You need to purchase your own domain Purchasing a domain name, we feel is personal requirement This will be your business/website name so it is very important you get it right We don’t want to hold responsibility for choosing this or buying it We want you to think about what name your want to call your website Go to these websites to buy your domain https://www.quadrahosting.com.au/domain/ https://www.ziphosting.com.au/domain-names/ Or any other websites you prefer (it doesn’t really matter where you buy it from) Type in your domain name to see if it is available

Cost of a Domain Name

Approximately $10-$20 for com.au for 2 years You shouldn’t pay anymore than this .com is cheaper

Once you buy the Domain Name

Send us the login details so we can set that up to point to your website

Think about what your website goal is

You need to make sure you are really clear about what you need More importantly, what the user needs from you website That is;  What main pages will you need We only have time to set up 5 pages in the course, But you still need to know all the pages you need in the top navigation, So the user can find your core business easily We will then create these pages in the training and add them to the menu or main navigation


You need to supply your logo If you don’t have a logo we can get our graphic design to create one for you Logo Prices range from $200-$300 Otherwise there are some great websites out there to help you For e.g: graphicriver.net/category/logo-templates vistaprint.com.au sothink.com/product/logo-maker logomaker.com 99designs.com.au Once you get your logo, send it to use in JPG format We will edit the size


Think about and if you have time write content for 5 main pages You can then add this is the training

Blog Post

A blog is very important It helps bring traffic to your site A Blog post must include your keyword phrase If you have time, try to write atleast 1 blog post This could be about any topic that is related to your website For e.g. Tips tutorials How tos Industry related information Or just blogging about your business I’m sure that’s enough to get your on your way!

What we GIVE you
A professional mobile friendly website A website set up and ready for you to add your own content A website with all the modern features Step by step WordPress E-Book A well researched and structured course We teach you how to use and update your website Easy to follow with no technical jargon A course tailored for small business Expert WordPress trainer Free online support via Facebook  *conditions apply https://www.facebook.com/LetsBuildAWebsite Email for more details about our this package

Booking Requirements

You must book at least 7-10 days before the course date you wish to attend. We need time to Research the Design and set your website up for you!

To book click below

Pay by PayPal or Bank Transfer