Student Case Studies

Check out our compilation of students websites built with our WordPress
or web design courses.

It will give you an overview of what we do in the training courses with our students.
And what you can achieve in one of our web design courses.

Epoch Crew – Website Creation

Amanda from Epoch Crew did our WordPress course - Create a WordPress Website. Amanda needed to build a website with a shop for her organic, eco-friendly sustainable products. Amanda works in the yachting industry and aims to bring awareness and educate consumers on...

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HCG Goddess

Donna from HCG Goddess needed some 1 on 1 WordPress Training to finish her business website she started. She originally set it up in but it did not have the functionality she needed, so we moved it to This is what we covered in the...

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Locus Non Consequensia

Pru from Locus Non Consequensia needed some urgent 1 on 1 WordPress Training to create a site in WordPress to present artwork for Locus Non Consequensia.  Pru had already set up something in with the default WordPress theme but it wasn't looking how she...

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The Wise Guru

Justine from The Wise Guru has several websites built in WordPress. We did some 1 on 1 WordPress Training via Skype. Justine wanted to know how to edit parts of the website and be able to manage all of her websites ongoing.  Justine lives overseas so Skype was the...

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Jacqui L

Jacqui L is a musician and writer.  Amazing women!!  We did some 1 on 1 WordPress Training with Jacqui L, so she could edit some parts of her website and manage her website ongoing. Her website was already built in WordPress but we ended up changing the theme to Divi...

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Beach House Culburra

Beach House Culburra - Re-Design Shae  - The owner of The Beach House Culburra needed to re-design her old website for her beach house.  It was built in HTML which made it impossible for her to edit and re-design herself.  It wasn't looking good on a mobile device...

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Monstarzen Dojo

Sarah from Monstarzen Dojo came to us to learn how to build her own website, so she could not only see whats involved but to learn how to manage and update basic things herself. Many people get a website built by someone overseas and not only have no idea how to use...

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Manly Longboard

Manly Longboards - Re-design We did a re-design for Manly Longboards, as the old website was a bit outdated.  This took a few weeks to complete. Mark from Manly Longboards wanted a fresher more beachier look for this website.  And a more responsive website.  Meaning...

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QF Deli Neutral Bay

QF Deli Neutral Bay is a renowned food stores in Westfields Warringah Mall, Neutral Bay.  Michael from QF Deli set his site up on and was having issues with sorting out the hosting and domain name. We helped him move the site from to...

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Oceania Yacht Services

Let's Build a Website - built this site together with the input from the owners, Brett and Tina from Kingsford in Sydney.  They needed an information website with a few pages, some images of the sailing trips and a contact form. Brett is an qualified sailor, who sails...

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TM Distribution – eCommerce website

Today I taught Terry from TM Distribution  - the owner of the business. We did a redesign of his current WordPress website using the Divi theme. Terry already his idea in new design in mind based on a few websites he had researched online. Terry already had his logo...

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Freelance Shipping

Today I taught the lovely "Yuliia" from Ukraine, how to build a site for her boss - Freelance Shipping in Sydney. Yuliia is a graphic designer who wanted to learn how to build sites for clients in WordPress to advanced her design skills.  She picked up WordPress very...

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Our Sacred Space – Health and Wellbeing

Today we taught Michelle and Catherine from Dural.  They wanted to set up a fresh new website for their business idea - "Our Sacred Space". This is a place where you can receive alternative treatments, hire a space, do meditation classes and buy unique products....

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What Cathy Made

Cathy from What Cathy Made came and did our 1 on 1 WordPress Training for 2 hours. Cathy had the site already set up in  She wanted to move it to to take advantage of all the plugins and over 5000 free themes and unlimited paid themes that...

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Slice of Life Tours

Christine originally came to me to learn how to use her current website. Slice of Life Tours - a unique tours website. Unfortunately, she was unable to because of the way it was built.  Sadly this happens a lot.  The website was built so that only a...

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Blair Anthony – Marketing & Consulting

Today I taught Blair how to build a WordPress website for his own startup business, called Blair Anthony.  Blair comes from a marketing background. He wants to offer his marketing skills to businesses so needed a professional website to present his information...

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