Arthur Holt Library

Arthur Holt Library came to Lets Build a Website for some 1 on 1 WordPress training. They needed to learn how to edit the site and modify the design. The website was built in with the basic plan. So modifying the design and using plugins was not an option.

Unfortunately her options were very limited in what we could do so we decided to migrate it to

So what’s the difference between and you need to pay WordPress to get access to all the free plugins. And there are only around 150 free themes available. Not to mention you can’t load any premium themes or plugins from other suppliers.

To be able to use more themes and plugins you need to move to And have a self hosted site. A self hosted site means you pay a third party to host or store your website. You have more control over your website this way. Also web designers can do whatever is needed to develop your site.

So this is what we did

 We moved the site from by doing the following:

  • Bought hosting with (an Australian hosting company).
  • Installed WordPress on the new host.
  • We then exported all the content from the account.
  • And imported it into the new hosting account.
  • Then set up the site again including;
  • Adding the navigation menu
  • Adding the logo
  • Adding the footer content
  • And styling the colors & fonts
  • Adding a newsletter signup with Mailchimp
  • And lastly Social Media
  • And we used the Divi theme.
  • The purpose of moving the site was so Arthur Holt Library staff can manage and edit the site to look however they want.

    They are not restricted by the theme or the inability to install plugins without paying out more money to do so.

    To sum up

    Arthur Holt Library was very happy with the new site. They can now create new pages and layouts to look however they want using the Divi builder.

    There are no limitations to what they can now do with their website!

    Click the link for more information about our WordPress training or if you are interested in moving your site from to

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