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Advanced WordPress Training will teach you advanced features of WordPress.
Including – Advanced Plugins, How to Set up a Newsletter with Mailchimp, Booking Forms, Image Galleries & Slideshows,
How to Create Page Layouts, Modify Theme Fonts, Add Client Reviews, How to use Shortcodes, and SEO for WordPress.

Advanced WordPress Course Overview


Course Requirements

You have completed our 1 day WordPress Course.
Or you have learnt the basics of WordPress elsewhere.
You are definitely Not a Beginner using WordPress.
Your Website Needs Updating with more Advanced Features.
You need help setting up more complex plugins.
You need to Learn SEO for WordPress.
How to Format Google Friendly Content to bring more Traffic.
This Course will help Grow your Current Website.
This Advanced WordPress Training is Completed Online.
You want to boost your WordPress Skills to Build a more Professional Website.


Advanced Training includes;

Learn how to add a Galleries & Slideshows.
Set up a Newsletter with Mailchimp.
Create advanced forms e.g. booking.
Client Testimonials & Reviews.
How to use shortcodes.
Create different page layouts.
Search Engine Optimisation for WordPress.
Display different content on sidebars.
How to edit headings and fonts without coding.
How to make a Google friendly website with SEO.

Advanced WordPress Course $99

Course Outline

You need to complete our WordPress Course (1 day)  or a similar beginners WordPress Course before attempting this advanced training.

Click to download our  1 day WordPress Course outline.

Advanced WordPress includes;

  • Adding and setting up more advanced features for your website through plugins.
  • The must haves for any professional WordPress website.
  • We will give you a members login so you can access these videos.
  • We have an exclusive SEO/Google video on how to make your website Google friendly for WordPress.
  • This is a must, without knowing what Google wants to see in your website, your website may never be found!
  • We can show you simple/non technical things that YOU can do yourself, that will help you get more visitors.


Advanced WordPress training Outline

Video 1 – Image Thumbnail Gallery

A Gallery is lots of thumbnails sized images that click open to a bigger image when the user clicks on it.

This video includes;

  • How to create a thumbnail gallery within WordPress.


Video 2 –  Slideshow Images

A slideshow can make a visual impact to your website for your user. We show you how to set up a slideshow within WordPress.

A slideshow is usually bigger images that have some type of animation on them, to slide in and out. 

This video includes;

  • How to create a slideshow within WordPress.


Video 3 – Newsletter Signup with Mailchimp

Newsletter signups are an important part of a professional website. This is the one way you can retrieve emails from the visitors who come to your website.  Offer them some valuable information in exchange for their email.

Start building your newsletter database via your website with a signup.

This video includes;

  • Installing and setting up the plugin
  • Setting up Mailchimp
  • How to add a list in Mailchimp
  • How to integrate MailChimp with WordPress
  • Adding a newsletter signup to your website 


Video 4 –   Clients Testimonials/Reviews

Client’s testimonials are very important for your website as they show your customers, comments from previous clients and can help build trust within your business. Obviously, they must be good ones!! 

This video includes;

  • Installing & setting up the plugin
  • Set up a rotating testimonial
  • Adding some testimonials
  • Using shortcode to add the testimonials to a page
  • Adding a widget to the sidebar or footer to show the testimonial to your visitors 


Video 5 – Google Fonts

You may be happy with your theme, but just want to change some fonts.  Your theme unfortunately doesn’t have an option for you to change the font style or sizes, and you don’t know any code for WordPress.  We show you how to install a plugin to work around this, so you can modify the fonts in your theme. 

This video includes;

  • Installing and setting up the plugin
  • Learn how to modify your themes fonts without coding


Video 6 – Create Different Sidebar Content

As you know websites now days are very valuable online real estate, so making the most of your online space in super important.   You may want different content on the sidebars for different pages.  We show you how to set this up. 

This video includes;

  • Installing and setting up the plugin
  • How to add different content to different sidebar areas via a widget



Video 7 – WordPress Shortcodes – Part 1

Shortcodes are unique to WordPress.  Shortcodes are not HTML or PHP, they are little snippets of code that is used to display a plugin or widget function inside a page or post within WordPress.  They can be very useful for your website. 

This video includes;

  • Installing and setting up the plugin
  • Learn about shortcodes
  • Learn how to create different page layouts with shortcodes

Video 8 – WordPress Shortcodes – Part 2

Learn about the most common shortcodes including; tabs, accordions, buttons and responsive YouTube layouts. 

This video includes;

  • Installing and setting up the plugin
  • How to add tabs and spoilers or accordions
  • How to add a responsive YouTube video
  • How to add nice buttons


Video 9 – Advanced Forms

You may want a more advanced form, with more fields including a drop down or check boxes.  We will show you how to set up a plugin with drag and drop features to set up a more complex form. 


This video includes;

  • Installing and setting up the plugin
  • Set up an advanced form with more fields
  • Setting up confirmation and notification emails
  • How to add the form to a page
  • How to edit the form without knowing coding
  • Use this type of form for booking events, feedback, customer details


Video 10 – WordPress SEO – Search Engine optimisation.

Add a powerful SEO plugin that will teach you how to make your website Google friendly.   

This video includes;

  • Installing and setting up the plugin
  • Demo of keyword research tool
  • How to add researched keywords to a page
  • Adding Titles and Descriptions
  • How to format a Google friendly page
  • Adding a Sitemap
  • Add a link to the sitemap in your footer


Click to download the
Advanced WordPress Training Outline.

Who should do this course
  • Students who have completed our WordPress Course or a similar WordPress Beginners course.
  • Any type of business.
  • Company employees.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Anyone who wants to learn WordPress;
  • To manage and update their own WordPress website.
What we GIVE you

Step by step WordPress E-Book.
Access to exclusive online videos.
A well researched and structured course.
Easy to follow with no technical jargon.
A course tailored for small business.
A course tailored for anyone who wants a professional website.
Expert WordPress trainer.
WordPress skills on how to set up & use a WordPress website.
4 x email support *one per week.
Questions via Facebook  *conditions apply.
Email for more details about our Advanced WordPress Course .

What type of website will you create?

You will create a Professional website that includes the following:


  • We add some popular plugins for your site.
  • Plugins are just like apps for your website.
  • They can add much more functionality and interactivity to your website!

Advanced Features and functions for your website

  • In Advanced WordPress we give you access to exclusive videos
  • That are designed to make your website more professional

We will teach you how to install and set up more advanced plugins including:

  • Galleries and Slideshows
  • Newsletter subscription feature that works with Mailchimp
  • Client Testimonials or Reviews
  • Booking Form
  • How to use Shortcodes for Advanced Page Layouts including columns, buttons, videos
  • How to add different content to different sidebars in your site
  • We have chosen these plugins based on our website experience

Google Friendly Website

  • If you don’t have a page 1 listing in Google for certain keywords needed to get visitors to your site your online business will struggle.
  • We can help you with this!
  • In Advanced WordPress we will show you how to make your website Google friendly with the help of a great SEO plugin for WordPress
  • This will help you on your way to get the Google listing you need to be successful online.
  • This does not include Google ads, which is a paid option.
  • This is *UNIQUE to our course


This Advanced WordPress course will teach you how to use and set up a WordPress to have a fully functional professional website

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