Why you should add YouTube video to your website

If you add YouTube video to your website using the right strategy, there is incredible potential for your website to not only to get ranked better by the search engines but to bring traffic and possible customers to your website!

  • YouTube videos can help your website get ranked better by the search engines for the specific keyword you have focused on in your YouTube video
  • YouTube videos can help drive traffic to your website

Add youTube video to your websiteWhat is so special about YouTube?

YouTube is a video sharing platform.  Google actually now owns YouTube!


  • YouTube has three billion views every day (that’ a huge audience!)
  • YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine – second to Google oh course!
  • YouTube is considered the third most visited website in the world

What are the benefits of adding YouTube videos to your website?

  • Your YouTube video is searchable within YouTube, so potentially has the chance to be viewed by millions
  • Your YouTube video has the potential to get listed in Google for your chosen topics and keywords
  • Your YouTube video can be embedded into other blogs, websites and shared on all the social networks like Facebook and Twitter
  • YouTube videos can help build brand awareness
  • YouTube videos can build rapport with your customers
  • YouTube videos can drive traffic to your website

When adding your video to YouTube make sure you:

  • Research your keywords
  • Go to the Google Adword Tool to help you choose the right keywords
  • Add unique keywords for each video
  • Never repeat content
  • Add your focus keyword in the title and description of your YouTube video – see image below

Let’s look at the example image below

how to build a successful website

  • Note the keyword phrase typed in Google – “how to build a successful website
  • Look at the Title of the first YouTube video listed in Google. You will see the same keyword phrase “how to build a successful website
  • Take a look at the Description for the YouTube video it also has the keyword phrase “how to build a successful website
  • There is also a link to their website in the description
  • Even the page name of the website has the same keyword phrase “how to build a successful website

If you click through to the YouTube to watch the video, you will see the focus keyword phrase in the title and description with a link to their website.

How do I get people to click through to my website from the YouTube video?

  • Have a call to action button or text
  • Offer your YouTube viewers something compelling – usually something for free!!
  • Tell your YouTube viewers exactly how to get to your website

Call to Action

This can be as simple as having some text at the end of you video saying “Go to www.yourwebsite.com.au for more FREE tutorials on how to build the perfect website”.

Follow these simple steps to get your viewers to click through to your website!

  • tell your viewer exactly what to do – e.g. “go to my website”
  • how to do it  – e.g. “click the link below”
  • why to do it -e.g. “get 5 free tips on how to build the perfect website”

Add content to the Description in YouTube

Every time you add YouTube video, make sure you add a description. Use the keyword phrase you have previously researched to make sure the keyword phrase is a topic that people search for in Google.

  • Add a 5-6 word call to action at the beginning of the description with your website link (don’t forget the https://)
  • For example: Get 5 free tips on how to build the perfect website : https://www.letsbuildawebsite.com.au
  • Also describe the content of your video using the keyword phrase again if possible!

The Call-to-Action Overlay

Another way to convert your YouTube viewers into traffic is through a YouTube feature called the Call-to-Action Overlay.

The Overlay is a simple banner ad that sits on the lower third of your video. You can add your own text/copy, thumbnail image and your website link.
This process is quick and easy to set up.  The Overlay banner will appear as soon as the video begins to play and can be closed by your viewer if they don’t want to see it.

Go activate this feature go to ads.YouTube.com


Original content written by Jodi Allbon 2013


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